Instagram surprasses Twitter in the Number of Users

instagram users

Instagram exceeds Twitter with more than 300 million monthly users

instagram users

Photo sharing service of Facebook accounts and checking Announces closure of fake profiles.

There are more than 300 million active users per month on Instagram, a number that puts the photo sharing service ahead of microbloging Twitter Twitter network. The company’s Chief Executive announced that with the growth of Instagram is necessary give further steps, including guaranteeing users the authenticity of profiles on the site. Therefore, the checking accounts will spend Instagram and delete those which are confirmed false.

When it comes to number of users, sharing photos and videos, social networks, we refer always to millions. In the case of Instagram, and according to its CEO Kevin Systrom, since the service was created four years ago have been shared 70 million images and videos per day, mostly by people between 18 and 24 years and out of the United States, according to data from eMarketer.

The Instagram surpasses the Twitter on monthly users count-currently microbloging Twitter network has 284 million – but gets behind the Whatsapp (600 million) and the Messenger (500 million), which similarly to Kevin Systrom company were acquired by Facebook, the social network that has about 1.3 billion users.

“We are thrilled to see this community to increase and to watch these amazing relationships where people share passions and travel”, writes Kevin Systrom.

The CEO stresses the company’s growth and the steps that have been giving to improve the experience of who enters the world Instagram. Systrom recalls that last November, has changed the “explore” icon, which came to be represented by a magnifying glass, and divide into two submenus: “Pictures”, which already existed, and “People”. The latter submenu lets you find new users accounts to follow.

The responsible admits, however, that failure to answer a question that often arises through the users: How can one ensure that an account of a celebrity or a brand is real? Systrom announces in a statement that the Instagram will check the accounts of public figures and athletes, for example, to ensure that when a user searches for one of those personalities arise your account officer. These checks will begin in the next few days, ensures the CEO. In addition to this measure, the Instagram will disable all fake accounts and spam, preventing it from being retrieved. There are still websites where you can buy cheap Instagram followers to help boost your account and get it to look more popular.

The Instagram was bought in 2012 by Facebook for a billion dollars (764 million euros). At the time, Facebook has indicated that the idea was to develop the application of photographs as a standalone application and does not integrate in the social network, keeping all of its current features, including the ability to share images with other services like Tumbrl or Twitter, for example.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram will offer companies activity analysis tools


instagram marketing

Photography social network will show advertisers data on the scope and level of interaction of your advertising campaigns

Barcelona (editor)-Instagram has announced a package of tools for analysis of activity for companies offering data on the scope, prints or the level of interaction between the photos and the videos shared on the platform. The novelty will come in the coming weeks to current advertisers of the social network, limited in time to the United States, and will be available for other brands by the end of this year. Websites like offer users the possibility of buying Instagram likes and followers at a very affordable price.

The social network, owned by Facebook, has developed a panel of control of real-time activity that analyzes the impact of the organic content of the account as their advertising campaigns. For example, brands can learn how their audience is interacting (responding or clicking to ‘like’) with photos or videos published and also can “better understand” – say on Instagram – the most appropriate times to share content.

After entering the ads last November and verify its effectiveness, social network is expanding its advertising offerings with caution for fear to upset its more than 200 million users. At the moment, only U.S. brands can launch promotional platform photos, although in the coming months also incorporated companies in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

In the same way, the first to benefit from the novelty will be current advertisers of Instagram, such as Levi’s, Adidas, General Electrics and PayPal, among others, and you will arrive at the hands of other companies before the end of 2014. The social network has not detailed the origin of business to be included.

In the absence of knowing the date at which Spanish companies will begin using new tools, exist on the internet other options that can go. Platforms Iconosquare and Totems, ancient Statigram and Nitrogram respectively, are two of the most popular. The first, in addition to operating as the account manager, is also quite complete and free measurement tool. The second also offers data on the level of impact of the contents and works with free plans and payment.


Instagram is going to eliminate spam and fake followers of your account


instagram followers

If the overnight notes a drop in the number of followers you have on Instagram or if you see some of the most popular accounts cease to be so, don’t be surprised, you have not stopped interest you to the world. It’s just that the social network of the photos has decided to make cleaning of inactive accounts, spam profiles and anyone who fails to comply with its rules.

Instagram has announced this week through its section of help that this month is intended to remedy a problem that includes, erratic, incorrect or inactive accounts lists of followers or people who you follow is complete. A cleanup that began last April.

As the social network has expressed, this cleaning should not affect the activity, since the vast majority of these accounts are inactive and do not generate “like” or comments on photos or videos that are uploaded. What would happen if is any account that you continue to be deleted by breaching the rules or publish content not allowed on Instagram.

This is not the only change that has suffered the social network owned by Facebook in recent months. Since not long ago because it is possible to change the title of an image that has already been published. In addition, the first commercials have been introduced already in form of videos of 15 seconds, although they are still in testing phase.

The news comes after the announcement, also this week, that Instagram has already reached 300 million users, surpassing in this way to Twitter. And it is, without doubt, one of the critical applications in our smartphones.